It was suggested to me that my first blog post should be about why I love video editing.  In pondering this, it occurred to me that the main reason I love video editing is the same reason I love photography, graphic design, and many other aspects of digital media production: they are all creative forms of storytelling.  The “story” can be as short as a single idea or theme, or as long as a novel.  There is always a story behind a photograph, a video, even a logo.  I love helping my customers discover the story they want to tell, and bringing it to fruition.  A video that tells the story of their business, their product, their services, their special event.  A logo that encapsulates a complex idea with one image. A photograph that captures the attention and sparks the imagination about the story behind the picture.  A title sequence that foretells an intriguing story is about to unfold.  I am a storyteller at heart – and my love of this work is a testament to that!

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