I was not always a video editor. This is a second career for me, but in many ways I was always on the road to become a video editor. In high school, I fell in love with photography while taking a photography class.  I loved the creativity of it, but beyond that I was intrigued to discover all of the technical knowledge involved in creating the desired image.  My other love was music.  There, too, I was intrigued as much by the technical aspects as the creative expression it offered.  As a young adult I attended several different community colleges and an art school for brief periods, following my initial dream of audio production as a career.  However, the financial challenges I encountered being a young, self-supporting student ultimately led to my abandoning that pursuit, and I was steered toward a job in land surveying.

I embraced land surveying as a career, enjoying the combination of mathematical problem solving and the use of technical equipment in an outdoor setting.  I even became a part-owner of the company as my financial picture broadened.  In the background, my creative endeavors remained a large part of my life, if not my career.

Then after 12 years in this career path, the economy plummeted and my situation changed dramatically.  But as is so often the case, from a would-be crisis arose a life-changing opportunity.  I began to gravitate toward creative media again, exploring video editing software initially as a new hobby.  I worked with photography, video, and audio media to create family projects and gifts for friends.  While I didn’t define it as such at the time, I was discovering the powerful story telling capabilities of digital media.  This new hobby rekindled my earlier passion for creative technologies, and a new path began to emerge.  With the encouragement of my family I took a leap and enrolled in a Digital Media Production bachelor’s degree program, and over the next several years evolved from self-taught enthusiast to emerging professional. Completing a college degree was a life long dream in and of itself.  School was interesting and exciting for me, and as a student with considerable life experience, I took it seriously and soaked up information like a sponge.  I had so many questions at that point. When my focus turned to video editing, I knew I was in my element.  It was such a growth experience, personally and professionally.  I was empowered to change my career to something I truly love to do every day, producing creative projects that tell stories though video editing, sound editing, and graphic design.

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